Gear up

After decades in the industry, A Unit has an unrivalled understanding of the unit gear and related equipment that productions need and use on a daily basis. Choose from our comprehensive inventory of top-quality individual listings or take advantage of our curated Unit Packages for complete convenience and ease.

Examples of Available Equipment

  • Communications (2-way radios, loudhailers, headsets, etc.)
  • Electrical (generators, work-lights, leads & multiplugs, lighting stands, etc.)
  • Traffic control & signage (signage, bollards, reflective vests, revolving lights etc.)
  • Shade Cover (Eezee shades, tents, umbrellas etc.)
  • Cleaning supplies & equipment
  • Tools, stationary & medical supply boxes
  • Miscellaneous essentials (chairs, blankets, camo nets, extinguishers, heaters etc.)
  • Garden/cleaning tools (shovels, picks, rakes, brooms, hosepipes, buckets etc.)


World-class logistics. African locations.

A Unit Equipment Rentals

A Unit has a fully-stocked inventory of the most up-to-date equipment and unit gear on the market, all in pristine condition and backed by 24/7 service support.

A Unit Fleet Management

Our fleet management services include maintenance, reporting, live tracking and more, and our in-house fleet contains over a hundred specialist and multi-purpose vehicles for hire.

A Unit Manufacturing

Need something a little different or completely unique for your production? Our in-house manufacturing team designs and builds customised vehicles and equipment on demand.

A Unit Facilities

Comfortable, practical and versatile, our mobile production facilities include artist accommodation, make-up and wardrobe trucks, camera and production trucks, and more.