Mobile Facilities

A Unit’s mobile facilities are all designed with flexibility, practicality, convenience and comfort in mind, creating the ideal environment for productivity no matter how remote the location. From luxury artist accommodation to space-saving storage trucks and everything in-between, if we don’t have it, we can make it – whatever you need!

Standard Options

  • Make-Up Trucks
  • Camera Trucks
  • Production Trucks
  • Costume Trucks
  • Luxury VIP Toilets
  • Logistical Trucks


World-class logistics. African locations.

A Unit Equipment Rentals

A Unit has a fully-stocked inventory of the most up-to-date equipment and unit gear on the market, all in pristine condition and backed by 24/7 service support.

A Unit Fleet Management

Our fleet management services include maintenance, reporting, live tracking and more, and our in-house fleet contains over a hundred specialist and multi-purpose vehicles for hire.

A Unit Manufacturing

Need something a little different or completely unique for your production? Our in-house manufacturing team designs and builds customised vehicles and equipment on demand.

A Unit Facilities

Comfortable, practical and versatile, our mobile production facilities include artist accommodation, make-up and wardrobe trucks, camera and production trucks, and more.